Artistic residency in Catalonia funded by the Federation of Scottish Theatre
Sònia Gardés is currently on an artistic residency in Catalonia funded by the Go, See, Network, Share fund by the Federation of Scottish Theatre. This is an exciting opportunity to discover work from new artists and companies as well as to attend  festivals such as Temporada Alta, El Petit Format, El Més Petit de Tots, Entranyes, Lluèrnia and Sismògraf.
A(u)nti(e) Empire will be premiered at the London Short Film Festival
Very pleased to announce that A(u)nti(e) Empire is screening at next year's 18th BAFTA-qualifying London short Film Festival! Full programme of their first digital edition out 1st December. 
Its main character, Auntie, was characterised by Sònia Gardés, including hairstyle, makeup, costume and sfx design and making. 
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by Sònia Gardés
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