Big Wee Bee

Photography by Delia Spatareanu


Sònia Gardés 


Duration of the show







Visual storytelling, shadow puppetry, puppets

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When Wee Bee is stepped on by a cow -again- she and her insect friends decide that they won't put on with the lack of care and respect they get every day by the bigger animals anymore. A revolution then starts, including stinging and biting and loads of itching. Will the little insects find a way of making themselves respected?
Exploring topics such as environmentalism and social justice this show wants to create an interactive experience for to empower children aged 5 to 11.

Several developments of the show have been previously presented at the Wee Spanish Mobile Library (2017), the Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival (2018), Manipulate Festival as part of Testroom (2019) and The Worker's Theatre's Something Has to Happen Festival (2020).