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Creations for Objectora's shows
by Objectora
Since 2018
Sonia Gardes_Portaiture_21.jpg
Sonia Gardes_Portaiture_65.jpg
Sonia Gardes_Portaiture_80.jpg

Photography by Jassy Earl

Since its creation in 2018, Objectora has designed and developed several shows of visual storytelling. For these shows, Artistic Director Sònia Gardés has designed and made all of its elements of visual theatre, from props to costumes and puppets. 

Objectora's puppets are diverse, from hand puppets to table top ones as well as bunraku puppets and those which adapt to the body. These puppets are proud to have performed internationally and in festivals such as Manipulate, Edinburgh Children's Festival or the Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, amongst others. 

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