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Objectora has more than ten years of training and experience facilitating workshops for the community in its diversity, including facilitation for adults, children, people with learning disabilities, people in risk of social exclusion, people with autism and migrant women, amongst others.

Always in constant research on how to connect the arts with social justice and supportive empowerment, Sònia Gardés is a trained facilitator for children and adults, using tools of non-violent communication. She has trained with organisations such as Tripod, Training for Change, as well as with other organisations from the arts sector such as the Village Storytelling Centre, the Federation for European Theatre or Puppet Animation Scotland.

Objectora can tailor workshops using arts to empower and inspire people communities, but here you can find some of the training and facilitation offered in the past.

- Puppetry workshops for people with learning disabilities. Cutting Edge Theatre. Fife, 2019-2020

- Storytelling workshop assistant for different groups of children, including children with autism. The Village Storytelling Centre. Glasgow, 2019-2020

- Storytelling for parents. Dr Bell's Family Centre Edinburgh, 2018

- Puppetry for children. Scottish Youth Theatre. Glasgow, 2018

- Storytelling for migrant women. Glasgow Women's Library and Clan Macondo. Glasgow, 2018

- Projects of the Artistic Creation and Sculpture Workshop. Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Barcelona. Barcelona, 2013-2015

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