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Design and Making

Video portfolio
Sonia Gardes_Portaiture_21.jpg
Creations for Objectora shows
by Objectora
Since 2018

Since its creation in 2018, Objectora has designed and developed several shows of visual storytelling. For these shows, Artistic Director Sònia Gardés has designed and made all of its elements of visual theatre, from props to costumes and puppets. 

HERO 1.jpg
Perchance to dream
by Cutting Edge

For the upcoming show of Cutting Edge, Objectora worked on puppet and puppet's costume design and making for the witch and the hero. Objectora also designed and made the costume and hair of the princess, designed and made by Karolina Anuskiewicz, a student mentored by Sònia Gardés.

A(u)nti(e) Empire
by AJ Taudevin

A(u)nti(e) wants to regale you with tales from the good old days of The British Empire only she is gradually bleeding to death.

by Abbey Theatre, assisting Gavin Glover

Bloom’s odyssey is a pandemonium of live music, puppets, dancing, clowning, bowler hats and kazoos. It’s Ulysses as you’ve never imagined it before, a superbly theatrical homage to Joyce’s chronicle of Dublin life and the greatest novel of all time. 

Dragon Quest
by Vision Mechanics

DragonQuest is a theatrical, mystery spectacular created especially for the woods of Monikie Park. The technology, which sees hovering flies, fairies and goblins appear within the magical setting of Monikie, was the first ever use of Augmented Reality (AR) in a live theatre performance.​

Guissona Roman Festival
with Enric Porta

Sònia Gardés worked as part of the company Minairons PT together with Enric Porta,  creating big scale puppets and sets for the Guissona Roman Market between 2012 and 2014.

Circus Cabaret
by Grupo Costa Este

Circus Cabaret is a spectacular and varied live dinner-show which includes cabaret, burlesque, krumping, electro salsa, aerials, projections and even life drawing. 

Sonia Gardes_rotten head2.JPG
Molins de Rei Terror Film Festival
by Terror Molins

Molins de Rei Terror Film Festival offers every year a selection of the best international horror films, short films and stories.

Other projects
Since 2008

Sònia Gardés is a trained and experienced makeup artist, sculptor and costume designer and maker. Throughout her career, she has done multiple other projects for independent clients and her training. You can find some of them here. 

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