What I Know (about what my Grandfather d
What I Know
(about what my Grandfather didn't know)

Barcelona, 1939. Defeated after the end of the Spanish Civil War, Paco starts his journey as a refugee, leaving his family behind. 


Barcelona, 2011. Sonia’s involvement in the Occupy Movement creates tension with her family, who still haven’t healed from the exile of a mysterious Great Grandfather, Paco. 

big wee bee.jpg
Big Wee Bee

When Wee Bee is stepped on by a cow -again- she and her insect friends decide that they won't put on with the lack of care and respect they get every day by the bigger animals anymore. A revolution then starts, including stinging and biting and loads of itching. Will the little insects find a way of making themselves respected?

starry nights.jpg
Beyond the ceiling

This show is the result of a commission by the Hidden Gardens (Glasgow) for the event Starry Nights, Cosy Fires. It celebrates multiculturalism through the telling of stories and myths about the starry skies.

All around the world, cultures separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years have been telling different stories about the same constellations. How can this immense ceiling still today give us such a sense of togetherness?