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Visual Storytelling Productions

What I Know
(about what my Grandfather
didn't know)

Photography by Chantal Guevara

Presented at:

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh (2019)


Amsterdam International

Storytelling Festival (2018)

Scottish Storytelling Centre (2018)

Village Storytelling Festival (2017)

Commissioned Artist

" Gardes’ unearthing of her personal history comes at a crucial point in history"

Based on the true story of Sònia's Great Grandfather, What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn't know) takes its audience into a journey inside the Spanish Civil War and the pain her family still carries today. Breaking the silence established three generations ago, Sònia dives into a sea of old photographs, interviews, memories, fantasies, expectations, frustration and answers that awake more questions, to ultimately celebrate lost youth and the path towards finding our own identity while pursued by the ghost of family expectations.


The show takes us into the depths of Spain, from rural Murcia to urban Barcelona, using physicality and subtle moments of clowning together with micro-cinema, puppetry and object theatre.

Feedback from the audience


" It was so well played, fascinating, poignant and tender, I loved it"

Gavin Glover, puppeteer


" I was absolutely touched by everything I saw"

Member of the audience

"Wonderfully moving"

Member of the audience

Big Wee Bee

Photography by Elly White


Sònia Gardés 

Elspeth Chapman (collaboration for Testroom)

Duration of the show





Visual storytelling, shadow puppetry, puppets

Supported by

Big Wee Bee is the story of the small insects of a valley in the Basque Country (Spain). When Wee Bee is stepped on by a cow -again- she and her insect friends decide that they won't put on anymore with the lack of care and respect they get every day by the bigger animals. A revolution then starts, including stinging and biting and loads of itching. However, the cows keep finding ways to protect themselves. Until one day, when the revolution seems to have ended, and the cows relax. But suddenly, decomposition stops in the valley, and the cows wonder why. In the end, it seems like the little insects might have found a non-violent way to make themselves respected... 
Working on topics like environmentalism and social equality this show wants to create an interactive experience for children aged 7 to 11 which supports their empowerment through their participation in a show that represents in many ways who they are in the world and the inner power they have as our future generations. 

The show has been previously presented at the Wee Spanish Mobile Library (2017), at the Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival (2018) and at the Manipulate Festival as part of Testroom (2019).

The roof we share

Duration of the show





Visual storytelling, shadow puppetry

Previous shows

The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow (2018)

This show created for the event Starry Nights, Cosy Fires by the Hidden Gardens represents multiculturality through stories related to the sky.

Exploring how different cultures have approached the mysteries of the sky and its constellations, the visual storytelling show presents stories from around the world. Using a unique costume to create shadow puppetry, music from the performer's homeland and several stories from Egypt to the Celtic myths, this show will warm the hearts of the whole family. 

Available for indoor and outdoor shows.

Visual and performance artist for independent clients
Since 2016

Some of Objectora's clients

Objectora has offered its services to several clients offering different performing skills: storytelling, spoken word, voice over, puppetry, shadow puppets.

From following a script to designing and tailoring shows for events, Objectora has carefully crafted dozens of shows for children and adults adapted to different ambiances, needs, duitabilities and budgets. 

You can now find Sònia Gardés at the Directory of Scottish Storytellers following the link below.

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