What I Know
(about what my Grandfather didn't know)
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Photography by Chantal Guevara and Daniel Carrasco

Previous shows

Teatre Principal d'Olot, Olot (2021)

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh (2019)


Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam (2018)

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh (2018)

Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow (2017)

Artista comisionada

" Gardes’ unearthing of her personal history comes at a crucial point in history"


Barcelona, 1939. Defeated after the end of the Spanish Civil War, Paco starts his journey as a refugee, leaving his family behind. Barcelona, 2011. Sonia’s involvement in the Occupy Movement creates tension with her family, who still haven’t healed from the exile of a mysterious Great Grandfather, Paco. What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know) explores the journey of these two characters connected by intergenerational trauma. 


In this exploration of intertwined personal narratives, micro cinema, puppetry and physical theatre interact with storytelling to create images of faded memories and fantasies which fill the gaps of history. Through the use of evocative images and visual theatre, this moving story about grief and healing becomes a celebration of late youth and it reminds us of the importance of being the narrators of our own story.

Feedback from the audience

"It was so well played, fascinating, poignant and tender, I loved it"

Gavin Glover, puppeteer


"I was absolutely touched by everything I saw"

Member of the audience

"Wonderfully moving"

Member of the audience

Dramaturgy and Direction

Sònia Gardés

Dramaturgy Assistance and Co-Direction

Marta Aran


Sònia Gardés

Puppets, Scenography and Costume

Sònia Gardés

Visual Theatre

Sònia Gardés

Light and Music

Xavi Gardés

With the support of

Freda O'Byrne

Gavin Glover

Tortellà council

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