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Workshops and Events

Storytelling Facilitation Assistance
for The Village Storytelling Centre

Sònia Gardés worked at the Village Storytelling Centre on the rola of facilitation assistant and Co-Lead Facilitator for Story Club at St. Vincent's Primary School and at the after schools clubs, including work with children on the autistic spectrum. 

for Cutting Edge Theatre
Puppetry direction and facilitation
cutting edge logo.png

Sònia Gardés worked for Cutting Edge Productions as a Puppetry Director for their upcoming show Perchance to Dream. She facilitated puppetry workshops with a group of adults with learning disabilities as well as devising the puppetry rehearsals. She also mentored Karolina Anuskiewicz to make one of the puppets for the show.

Puppetry workshop facilitation
for Scottish Youth Theatre
scottish youth theatre.jpg

Facilitation of a one-day puppetry workshop as part of the Easter Toolbox for children aged 8-14.

Storytelling workshop facilitator
for Playspace, Clan Macondo and Glasgow Women's Library
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glasgow women's library.jpg
clan macondo.jpg

Storytelling workshops for women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, empowering them to tell stories about their own identities.


Through the use of drawing, theatre of the oppressed and  storytelling, the groups went on a journey to explore their own lives and emotions and experiences and in some cases shared the results in front of an audience. 

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